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Völgarr & Soundtrack Release, Sept 13th, 2013

Volgarr the Viking releases in just a few hours, and the full soundtrack is now on sale on Bandcamp and iTunes! 11 tracks of face-stabbing orchestral epic awesomeness for $5.00 USD! Good deal, right?

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Völgarr Adult Swim Trailer, Sept 9th, 2013

Volgarr the Viking's publisher on Steam, Adult Swim Games, has cut a new trailer!

Short, sweet, and punchy. A lot of the game's original sound design is heard in this trailer.

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Völgarr Kickstarter Update

Volgarr Soundtrack CD Mockup

The Kickstarter campaign for Volgarr the Viking has already surpassed expectations by reaching its goal in 5 days. Today we went live with the Audio & Music update that announced the game's CD soundtrack release, and shows a glimpse of the thinking behind the sound design.

hunting call is done on a horn carved from a woolly mammoth tusk, and he's off to hunt evil lizardmen! Enjoy the track, and send some feedback at my new Facebook page!

The Hunt (Ostinato for Orchestra and Woolly Mammoth Horn) by kochunhu

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