About Me

Music composition and sound design

I'm a freelance sound designer and composer for video games from Seattle, WA. My first published game was Battlezone: Red Odyssey in 1999, and since then I've worked on games for most major platforms, including PC, 360, PS3, Wii, and iPhone,7 with such publishers and developers as PopCap, Marvel Interactive, EA, THQ, Griptonite Games, and N-Fusion.


Some nice things the gaming press has said about my work:

"The orchestral score is exceptional, by turns stirring and moody" - Erik Wolpaw, GameSpot

"The resounding feature...is the music. The orchestral score is brilliant" - GameSauce / gamer.tv

"Startlingly impressive...inspiring...It all works superbly and just feels right" - Ivan Sulic, IGN

"The haunting and poignant musical score adds immeasurably to the ambience and somberness of the game." - Ezra Sidran, Wargamer.com

Game Credits

I've worked on the following games:

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